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From the recording Naked_excerpt

When God made Adam and Eve and placed them in the garden, they were naked and unashamed. They lived in the presence of their Maker, and lived out the purpose for which they were created. Then sin entered the world. They disobeyed God's only commandment and immediately saw their nakedness. Instinctively, they felt the need to cover up and to hide from God.
Many of us go through our lives that way: covering up our true selves or hiding from God, or both. Why is this?
Perhaps we cover up - either physically or psychologically - because we're afraid of what others may say or do to us. Sadly, the notion that God is angry with us because of our wrongdoings is all too common. We can remind ourselves though, that God sent His beloved Son to die for us - an act of love, not anger. We can believe that He poured all of His wrath upon His son, Jesus, during that moment in the cross. We can believe that Our Father now sees us as He sees Jesus: righteous and perfect in His sight.
The truth is that nakedness should have little to do with fear and shame, and much more to do with God's natural intention. Before Him, we are as He made us: naked, with all that we are and everything we have done fully exposed. Yet every blemish and imperfection has been taken care of by Christ.
It is His goodness that leads us to righteousness, and we trust that He will finish the work started in us. Until then, despite every deviation from His perfect Way, we are invited into His presence just as we are.
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ChorusI am naked before YouI am naked before YouYou see where I goAnd all l doEverything l haveI am nakedYet You take me as l am
Verse 1Echoes of my weaknesses surroundedBy Your perfect Love that flows unboundedEvery need to take the blame unfoundedIn Your PresenceIn Your Light
Verse 2By Your throne the weight of sin is liftedCondemnation fades where Grace is giftedBoldy I can stand and be acceptedIn Your PresenceIn Your Light
BridgeThe RevelationOf my RedemptionYou take me as l amAs l am!
My sins are coveredI'm rescued by Your BloodYou take me as l amAs l am!
TagsI am nakedYet You take me as l am