1. Reborn

From the recording Reborn

Reborn, is an upbeat praise song based on scriptures found at the start of John 3, where Jesus tells Nicodemus what it means to be born again. I was raised in a Christian home with a Christian background, attending church regularly (Pro 22:6). Like Nicodemus, I didn't quite understand the concept of being Reborn; I was baptised as a child so I didn't think it applied to me. Thankfully, the revelation of being Reborn came later, after many trials that brought me deeper into a relationship with God.
For each of us, our birth represents the very start of everything. Nature and Nurture forges us into who we are: our likes, our dislikes, our dreams, our “personality”... but because we are born into this fallen world, we inherit it’s fallen state. We quickly learn to put ourselves first, seeking our own ambitions, fulfilment or welfare. Though we believe we are good, we often only consider how we might help others only after we feel “we are doing okay” ourselves.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ puts this in reverse. Through His Word, He tells us to love others first (Phil 2:3), and when we do we should go the extra mile (Matt 5:41). This does not come naturally to many of us, because we weren’t born into a state where this is natural. Through Jesus, we are given the ultimate way to wipe the slate completely clean, to be “reborn”.
As Nicodemus quickly realised, Jesus wasn’t talking about a physical rebirth. Christ mentioned being born of the Spirit (John 3:5-6), receiving a connection to new and everlasting family, adopting the traits and behaviours of our God. Our spirits are to become more like His Holy Spirit, treating others with love, patience and kindness (Gal 5:22)
My song, Reborn, is about God rescuing me from a fallen state, and my renewed desire to follow Him. He has rescued me from believing that my actions are enough to please God, when instead He deserves all of my heart. Perhaps most important of all, He has rescued me from the eternal consequence of sin. If that isn’t worth singing about, then what is?! My eyes are heavenward and seek only Him... "No wonder my heart is glad, and I rejoice..." (Psa 16:9).
Reborn is out now on all major streaming sites. Catch it on Spotify here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1diHYcOtpJnmzdQOUVl98d.


Verse 1Looking backDont know what would have happened to meIf my GodHad not come down to rescue me
Verse 2I had lostMy way in the wildernessYet He found meAnd said He has call me blessed
Pre-ChorusBecause I am His childAnd in Him I receive new life
ChorusI am rebornI am remadeIn the image of my SaviourI declare there is no other nameThat can saveI heard His callNow I'm freed from the lawI am reborn
Verse 3Looking backI'm amazed what He carried me throughNow I knowThere is nothing My God cannot do
Pre-ChorusBecause I am His childAnd in Him I receive new life
BridgeEyes heavenwardI will seek You, LordI will seek You, LordNow and Forever
Hands heavenwardI will thank You, LordI will thank You, LordNow and Forever