From the recording Saviour - Premix


Verse 1We embrace His gloryFor the wage of sin has been fully paidJesus, the Son of GodThe Name above all namesWe embrace His freedomLet chains be broken, chains be brokenAll honour beTo our MajestyThe everlasting God
ChorusGather now toThe Saviour of the WorldGather now toThe King of kingsThe Lord of lordsHe inhabits the praises of His peopleWe are found in ChristOur SaviourOur Saviour
Verse 2We embrace His powerThe power that won over the graveJesus, the Son of GodThe only Name that savesWe embrace His passionThe whole world sings, the whole world singsWe shout it outTo our MajestyThe everlasting God
BridgeSeek Him here nowThe Lord is here nowThe King of heavenBow before His mighty throne
Seek Him here nowThe Lord is here nowThe King of heavenWorship Him and Him alone