1. Risen_draft

From the recording Risen_draft

Written December 2015, updated April 2018.
Inspired by The Resurrection of Christ


Verse 1BuriedThe tomb lay silentTreasureBeneath the stones
As sunlight fadedJesusHis life laid down
Pre-ChorusFor a moment it all seemed overOur Saviour took our fateBut the Messiah will reign foreverHis story never ends
ChorusHe is Risen!!He is Risen!!Seated VictoriousThe One Who is Glorious is
Risen!!He is Risen!!Lifted up high the LordJesus Christ is alive!!
Verse 2ConqueredThe grave defeatedJesusUpon His Throne
CallingUs all to freedomJesusThe Lord of All
Pre-chorusIn a moment our lives recoveredOur Saviour took the blameBut the Messiah will reign foreverHis story never ends
BridgeAscending out of darknessEvery curse has been undoneDeath could not defeat HimJesus is the Everlasting Lord