From the recording Walls Come Down (Clip)

" the priests sounded the long blast on their horns, Joshua commanded the people, “Shout! For the Lord has given you the town!" - Joshua 6:16 NLT
The story of Jericho is one of the many displays of Our God's amazing power. Having rescued His people from slavery in a foreign land, He provided them with a land of their own. All they had to do was step into it, and trust wholeheartedly in His guidance along the way.
In this story, we learn that God gave them a very strange set of instructions. Jericho was an extremely well fortified city, but instead of attacking its imposing gates directly or throwing everything they had against its mighty walls, God told them to walk around the city shouting His highest praises with their loudest worshippers leading their strongest warriors. He Himself would bring the walls of Jericho down and hand them a total victory.
Thousands of years later, many things have changed but some have stayed the same. Our God hasn't commanded us to go forth to capture cities for the sake of owning the land. However, Our God has commanded us to go forth to capture hearts; there are people within our city walls that are held captive by the circumstances of our modern world. Every day, there are people in our reach that are crying out to escape from abusive relationships, from poverty, from addictions, and from physical and mental illnesses.
Like His people long ago, God asks us to step out in faith and trust wholeheartedly in His guidance.
Like His people all those years ago, God has already granted victory - this time through His Son, Jesus, who gave His life on the cross before rising again, so that we can be right with God, living freely in His grace and His love - now and forever!!
This is the Good News! In fact, it's so good, our excitement is stirred and we're moved to share it passionately with everyone we know. Because we already have victory in Jesus' Name, we boldly declare that...
... We will save this city!
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Verse 1Territory's changing handsWe give everything we canAs we will carry out Your plan
By Your Spirit we uniteNot by strength or by our mightDarkness flees before Your light
ChorusWalls come downWith our voicesWith a shout of praise!
Won't stop'Til they're coming downThe lost are foundWhen we're singing
Walls come downWith our voicesWith a shout of praise!
Won't stop'Cause they're coming downAnd we shout that
We will save this city!!We will save this city!!
Verse 2Territory's changing handsWe will follow Your commandTake dominion of this land
By the rising of Your SonThe battle is already wonIt is finished; it is done
BridgeOur God is a mighty good GodA mighty good God is HeOur God is a mighty good GodThat's why we believe