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This is where I'll publish my collection of songs. Many will be in draft format, as the mastered versions will be available from online music stores (e.g. here) and streaming sites e.g. Spotify.

Scores and chord sheets are available; please get in touch with me via the Contact page if you'd like to get hold of them.


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Song Added: "More To You"


Song Added "Naked"


Song Added: "Reborn"


Song Added: "It's Got To Be"


Song Added: "Saviour"


Song Added: "Pillars of Light"


Song Added: "Never"
9/4/2016 Song Added: "Be Still"
18/3/2016 Song Added: "Risen"
  Lyrics Added: "Jesus Be All"
  Song Added: "The One Who Save"
  Song Added: "Seated High"
12/3/2016 Song Added: "Within Me Now"
  Song Added: "Walls Come Down"

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