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by Derek Homer

Released 2018
Released 2018
Glory is a Christian Rock song based on biblical scriptures that describe the Glory of God.
  • 03:33 Lyrics Glory

    Verse 1

    If we didn't sing
    Then the stones would cry
    They would testify
    Who You are

    If we didn't sing
    Then creation
    With the heavens
    Will declare



    Who is the King,
    The King of glory?
    You are the Lord
    The Lord Almighty


    Chorus 1

    Governments under Your reign
    Galaxies bow to Your Name
    Yesterday, today and always the same
    You get all the glory


    Verse 2

    When we sing aloud
    Over mountains
    Their foundations
    Will shake

    We will sing aloud
    With our voices
    Give the highest
    Of all praise(s)





    Be exalted
    Above heaven
    And on earth
    All the glory is Yours

How might I begin to describe the supreme and everlasting Glory of our Most High God? When we use a word like "glory" each and every day it becomes all too familiar, losing its magic and mystery. So I thought I'd make a start by looking up the definition on Google, and I found two meanings for word "glory":

1. high renown or honour won by notable achievements
2. magnificence or great beauty

1. High Renown

"It was …
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