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Derek Homer - Songwriter

Born to Trinidadian parents in 1974, I was raised in a Christian home attending and serving in my local church as a young boy.

I was introduced to music at an early age by my father's involvement in Notting Hill Carnival. I started playing the piano at age six, successfully won a scholarship to attend music school at ten, and finally graduated from university with a Bachelor of Music Performance and Composition.

From then on, I decided to put my musical ambitions on hold to pursue a career in IT, although I remained involved in Notting Hill carnival by scoring and arranging music for local and international artistes.

In 2006, God revealed that He had other plans for my life. I was invited to attend a service at Hillsong Church London, where I was hugely impacted by the depth and passion of the music and worship.

After serving as a volunteer for a few years, I joined their worship team as a piano/keyboard player. I had the privilege of experiencing their dedicated and excellent leadership firsthand, and it wasn't long before God started sending me songs to write on His behalf.

And so my story continues. Here is a collection of my song sketches, which are based on bible verses, prayer meditation or life's ups and downs. As an arranger, I try to adopt a variety of musical styles that will appeal to many, in the hope that I maximise the reach of my songs.

If just one person is impacted by this music, and led to discover a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ, then I'll consider my mission accomplished!
To God be the glory!!

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